vier frauen haben das anti-kriegs-plakat von joan baez in ein modernes kleid gesteckt um ihre unterstützung für barack obama zum ausdruck zu bringen. eine kritische diskussion zu dieser idee und dem claim "girls say yes to boys who say obama" gibt es bei broadsheet:

kate harding: "It really bugs me. Both the concept of a vote-for-sex transaction and the "obnoxiously retrograde" notion that women are merely gatekeepers for our own vaginas, not human beings with actual sex drives. We just say no as a matter of course until men do something wholly unrelated to sex (buy dinner, vote for Obama), which makes us decide they're worthy of coming inside us. We certainly don't want sex for its own sake! And that's without getting into the heterosexism. Where's my "Straight girls say yes to, and sometimes even initiate sex with, boys they find attractive for any number of reasons" T-shirt?
Also, if they had to do it anyway, "Girls say 'Yes, we can' to boys who vote Obama" would have been funnier."

mehr nach dem klick.

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